Batista Responds To Ric Flair’s Threats After Attack On WWE RAW

Batista crashed Ric Flair’s birthday party in a big way. It was a segment that felt different and freshened up the broadcast while exploding online. It also stepped up the WrestleMania card in a big way as Drax The Destroyer got Triple H’s attention.

Ric Flair sent out a warning to Batista following the attack and needless to say, he was not happy at all. There were a lot of Atlanta fans who were expecting to see Ric Flair appear live, but it didn’t happen. According to Batista, he’s just getting started.

Party’s just gettin started my man

Ric Flair has been beaten down as part of a storyline before. This makes it especially interesting since he’s 70-years-old. We will just have to see where this storyline goes from this point on, but it got off to a very entertaining start.