Why WWE Reportedly Granted Tye Dillinger’s Release

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Tye Dillinger was released from WWE after he made a very public announcement explaining that he wanted to be let go from the company. Then a few days later he was officially granted his release and is subject to a 90-day no-compete clause.

Cody Rhodes has since spoken up about Dillinger saying how much he loves him and he promised to help Dillinger out with resources he has. Therefore, he could very likely end up in AEW.

Rajah reports that the general consensus seems to be that Dillinger was not considered a “make or break” Superstar. So if they lost him, it wouldn’t hurt the company much in the long run. Therefore, he was viewed as “dispensable.”

It is probably worth noting that the company might have had the same mindset toward Cody Rhodes when he requested his exit from the company in 2016.

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