Roman Reigns’ RAW Announcement Being Kept From ‘Nearly Everyone’ In WWE

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Roman Reigns is going to be on RAW tonight to address his battle with leukemia. This will be a very interesting night as well because it is also Ric Flair’s birthday. Although the plans for Flair’s party have been promoted for a while, Vince McMahon just made the announcement of Roman Reigns’ appearance four days ago.

Reigns is set to appear on Good Morning America tomorrow to make an announcement that fans can’t miss. Hopefully, he will have good news.

Wrestle Votes reports that although Ric Flair’s birthday celebration has been in the works for weeks, they are really trying hard to keep Reigns’ announcement under wraps.

Big RAW tonight from ATL. The Flair angle has been in the works for weeks now, so it should come off well. As for Roman Reigns, I’m expecting positive news. I have a feeling which way his announcement is going, but it’s something “that’s being kept from nearly everyone.” 😉

You never know what can happen in WWE. On the road to WrestleMania, this saying is especially true. People will wager guesses until The Big Dog’s time on the microphone finally comes, but we can’t wait to see what Roman Reigns has to say that WWE is keeping such a secret.

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