Roman Reigns Could Hold Off On Big Announcement Until Good Morning America

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Roman Reigns will be on RAW this week to address the WWE Universe. A lot of people are getting their hopes up that he will be returning to the ring just four months following his medial hiatus due to leukamia was announced.

Bully Ray pitched a possible storyline for Roman Reigns during Busted Open Radio. The WWE Hall Of Famer proposed that an angle could take place during RAW tonight that would stop Reigns in his tracks from revealing what he has to say only to save it for a much bigger Tuesday morning audience on Good Morning America.

“We always talk about how WWE tries to get that cross-over audience and when Roman had to take time off because of the leukemia he got all that cross-over mainstream coverage.”

“So what if tonight Roman were to be in the ring and say, ‘I’ve been doing well, I’ve been rehabbing, I was doing a movie. I’m feeling strong and I just wanna let everybody know–‘ and just before he can get his words out Dean Ambrose knocks him out.”

“What if right before the announcement a storyline kicked in? Then tomorrow morning [on GMA] he says, ‘Last night I wanted to make the announcement, but something happened, blah, blah, blah, but I’m here today to tell you that I’m back.'”

This storyline does make sense in some ways because WWE loves as much publicity as they can get. Good Morning America is also teasing an announcement from Roman Reigns that we can’t miss.

The Big Dog could always hold off until tomorrow morning to make the announcement, but it would certainly be a swerve if things go down as Bully Ray speculated.

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