Opening Segment For WWE RAW Revealed

WWE has a packed show coming from Atlanta Georgia this week. Ric Flair’s birthday celebration might have been the big selling point until Roman Reigns’ RAW return was announced. Now all anyone can talk about is The Big Dog.

Roman will be appearing on Good Morning America tomorrow morning in a segment that is said to be “can’t miss.” To top it off, we also reported that Reigns is set for a very exciting angle at WWE Fastlane.

Now it looks like WWE is going to open RAW this week with their biggest segment. Because we have been told that Roman Reigns will be kicking off RAW this week. Of course, keep in mind we were told this with plenty of time for WWE to change their minds about the show’s order.

Seeing how Reigns’ announcement is the first segment, this opens up a lot of possibilities about what could follow. Although it’s likely that Ric Flair’s 70th birthday celebration will cap off the show (possibly with Becky Lynch’s arrest), you never know what can happen in WWE.