Mark Henry Isn’t Impressed By Enzo Amore In The Ring

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WWE Hall of Famer Mark Henry knows what he’s talking about when it comes to professional wrestling, and as such, we aren’t all too surprised that he wasn’t impressed by this throwback from the WWE career of Enzo Amore.

The former World Heavyweight Champion is no longer a full time member of the roster, but he’s still involved in the business – and so he should be. Henry was known as the World’s Strongest Man and at one point, he could certainly make that claim without any kind of dispute.

Henry is a legend and always will be, but one man who probably doesn’t fall under that same umbrella is controversial former WWE superstar Enzo Amore.

Henry took it upon himself to comment on the above clip, which showcases Enzo failing to get himself over the top rope during a spot with the Swiss Superman Cesaro.

It’s been well documented that many members of the roster never really felt like Amore belonged at that level, but it always seemed as if his promos would keep him around to fight another day.

That didn’t wind up being the case due to circumstances outside of wrestling, and now, Enzo is busy with his own projects outside of the business.

Who knows, perhaps one day we’ll see him return – but in the immediate future it seems particularly unlikely.

P.S: Even with all of this being said, it’ll be interesting to see what happens if he ends up going through with the reunion alongside Big Cass that has been rumoured.

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