Lana Selling Worn Ring Gear & Swimsuits Online

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Lana recently went ballistic in a video you really need to see because the company might like for her to take it down. She wasn’t happy at all about losing her spot on Total Divas and railed on Ronda Rousey in a big way.

Now it looks like Lana is getting into the merchandise selling game. However, she isn’t opening her own t-shirt store at all. In fact, you can only buy clothes she has already worn.

Lana opened a store where she is selling ring-worn gear, bikinis, and clothes that she wore on Total Divas. It looks like she is emptying out her closet, but it won’t come cheap for fans.

Prices range from $150 for an outfit she wore on Total Divas to $2,000 for gear she wore in the ring. Rusev is also selling a signed Happy Rusev Day t-shirt for $200. Lana might have needed to charge more for that bikini that she was wearing when TMZ snapped her photo because that item is already gone.

If you want to check out what she has to offer, you can see that here.

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