Watch Lana Go Off On Ronda Rousey For Replacing Her On Total Divas

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Lana is not a happy camper. She is very salty and recently uploaded a video to her YouTube channel where she held nothing back. The source of her frustration is not only because her ankle is still in a cast, but she also lost her spot on Total Divas.

In the video, Lana is on a tour bus with her leg propped up. Then she ranted for a good three minutes about how salty she is.

“Yes, I’m very, very salty. Bitch, you know I’m salty. I’ve already discussed all the reasons I’m salty. But you know what is adding all the icing to the cake to my saltiness? Is the fact that I have read on the internet that rumor has it that Ronda Rousey is possibly taking my spot on Total Divas.”

“Are you kidding me? I understand. Let’s just take a moment [applause] Ronda Rousey, The Baddest Woman On The Planet, everyone clap for her, clap for Ronda Rousey, everyone.”

Lana went off on Ronda Rousey because (and not limited to) “apparently we got the Fox deal because of Ronda Rousey, didn’t know that, but that’s what it is, you know?”

She said that Ronda Rousey won a Bronze Medal at the Olympics so technically she’s not The Baddest Woman On The Planet. Lana was not happy at all and this seemed real. She bashed Rousey for her previous comments against reality television and “now you’re taking MY SPOT ON TOTAL DIVAS?! YES I’M SALTY!”

Then Lana started shaking a salt grinder. Rusev was filming the video, but he kept his mouth shut during this one.

Lana went off about how boring Ronda Rousey is on the microphone and how she has more entertainment value in her little finger than the RAW Women’s Champion has. She also took a shot at Rousey’s YouTube Channel in the process. Not only is Rousey not entertaining, but she will also never be ravishing.

“No wonder I’m not liked by the E! demographic,” Lana said before making it very personal by taking a shot at Ronda Rousey’s dogs.

The video had to fade out as Lana kept going. We just have to wonder what they needed to cut out.

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