Randy Orton Calls Zack Ryder An Elite Worker Saying It’s Their Loss

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Rumors were going wild when Randy Orton started talking about hearing AEW out. This prompted a lot of people to think that RKO might be considering a jump to All Elite Wrestling once his decade-long WWE contract is up. Now it looks like Orton is offering some support to a fellow WWE Superstar and the wording he used is quite interesting.

Randy Orton recently posted a video of himself doing a WWE video shoot. He said, “another day at the office.” A lot of people liked this video tease, but Zack Ryder had a different kind of comment.

Ryder replied saying: “They never ask me to do these shoots, congrats man!”

Then Randy Orton had a very intriguing reply to Zack Ryder. He was very supportive, but the wording he used might imply a lot more.

‘Their’ loss Broski. I am sure someone will recognize your talents one day. Always considered you to be a very elite worker.

Zack Ryder and Cody Rhodes are pretty close. Rhodes has publicly sent Zack words of encouragement in the past and is even responsible for setting Ryder up with Chelsea Green.

You never know if WWE would let Ryder go to AEW so easily, but according to Randy Orton someone is bound to realize the potential that Long Island Iced Z has.


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