Dean Ambrose Possibly Injured At WWE Live Event

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Dean Ambrose was possibly injured during a WWE house show in Tupelo on Saturday night. This is awful timing for The Lunatic Fringe on the road to WrestleMania. However, since he is leaving the company and the fact that he has an 8:00 AM signing at WrestleMania Axxess on the morning of the event it’s likely that WWE doesn’t have much planned for him at the show of shows.

This all went down during a match against Drew McIntyre. After Ambrose took a Claymore Kick, he went down and the referee threw up the dreaded X meaning someone was injured.

Dave Meltzer responded about this on Wrestling Observer Radio saying he heard a report that Ambrose was injured, but the company has yet to follow with him about it at the time of the show’s recording.

We are hoping for the best here. If WWE hoped to keep Ambrose around, then this could be a real monkey wrench in the situation.

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