Scott Dawson Dares WWE To Keep Giving The Revival & Boss n Hug Connection Opportunities

Vince McMahon does not want the public perception that his WWE Superstars want to leave the company. This could be a big contributing factor to why The Revival were recently pushed to a much higher position on the card.

The Boss n Hug Connection found themselves floundering a bit as well while Sasha Banks and Bayley eagerly awaited their opportunities. Now both sets of Superstars are Tag Team Champions and Scott Dawson tweeted out a message to WWE daring them to continue this trend.

“I dare you to keep giving us the opportunity to succeed. #FTR #ForeverTheRevival #TopGuys #TopGirls #GTTOAT”

We will just have to wait and see what happens next, but the challenge has been laid down by The Revival. Let’s see if WWE takes them up on it.