Kurt Angle Reacts to WWE Superstars Asking for Their Releases

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While answering fans in a new Facebook Q&A, Kurt Angle was asked about WWE Superstars asking for their releases from the company.

Angle responded by pointing out that there can only be one main event on each pay-per-view and the company does it’s best to utilize everyone the can.

 “You need to understand that there are so many talented superstars, but there’s only one main event each pay per view. The company tries to utilize each star as much as they can. WWE is not going to please everybody because most of these superstars won’t make it to main event level. There is only so much room on each show. I honestly think that the talent level is as high as it’s ever been right now. And because of that, there will be some unhappy superstars that want [to be] released.”

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