Former ROH Champion Flakes On Indie Show Because He Doesn’t Feel Like Going

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You never know what can happen in pro wrestling and this rings especially true when you are talking about who you want to book for a show. Because sometimes a talent just won’t show up.

Alpha 1 Wrestling tried to book Davey Richards for a show before in 2011. That is ironically the same year Richards won a Wrestling Observer Newsletter Award for “Most Outstanding Wrestler.” He didn’t show up because he didn’t want to get on his flight. So they gave him another shot eight years later. Then he did it again, only this time he gave them a bit more notice.

Alpha 1 Wrestling sent out a message to fans saying that they actually named their upcoming event “Here We Go Again” because of Davey Richards. They had a feeling that he would no-show which turned out to be correct.

Soooo …. truth be told we named this event “Here We Go Again” because @RichardsWesley no showed us back in 2011 because he just “decided not to get on his flight” he admitted on the Kevin Steen show & to us in DMs!

Well. He does it again.


Not professional

The story really doesn’t stop there either like many stories in pro wrestling. Because there are even more people to back up this shadiness.

Ethan Page, who is affiliated with Alpha 1 Wrestling commented on the matter. He is not happy about Richards pulling out of another event because he didn’t feel like going. Needless to say, this is not a good look for the former ROH Champion.

It looks like they were able to secure a replacement so all is well. In the future, A1 Wrestling might be a bit more cautious about trusting Davey Richards.

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