Damien Sandow On If There Is Bad Blood Since WWE Release

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WWE released three Superstars yesterday and one WWE legend as a backstage producer. They have released people before and Damien Sandow was one of them.

While speaking to Chris Van Vliet, Sandow opened up about how he feels concerning his May 6th, 2016 WWE release. He isn’t closing the door to a pro wrestling return because he is more than aware what that could mean, but right now he is focusing on his acting career.

“I don’t harbor feelings of ‘Oh this should have happened.’ No. Whatever happened, happened. That’s the way it is. Hey, good luck, thank you very much and it’s just time to move on.”

“You can’t direct all of this emotion into either a business or individuals and think ‘Oh they should have done this’ because you’ll just eat yourself up over it and it’s not worth it to me. I’m having way more fun now and my life is way more bizarre now than when I was wrestling.”

Sandow’s recent appearance on Midnight Texas could very well translate into more acting roles. Hopefully, his talents will be utilized in whatever business he decides to pursue from this point on.

Thanks to Wrestling Inc for the quote

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