Another Possible Reason For TJP’s Backstage Heat In WWE

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TJP was released from WWE on Friday. This was a shock to fans and reports that he was blindsided by this news personally.

It was reported that TJP got his recent tattoos without the company’s permission. This is a no-no, but he claims that he got permission six months ago and they thought the tats were cool. further reported that TJP was “not known to spend a lot of time with many of the guys on the roster, and that he seemed to spend more time with female talent.” It was said that this was the perception backstage, but it wasn’t known if it directly contributed to his release.

Although it might not have been the straw to break the camel’s back, it very well could have been a straw. WWE Superstars are like a family and socialization with your co-workers can really help you out backstage. Either way, this is a very interesting note to consider.

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