Why Impact Wrestling Was Canceled According To Pop TV President

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Impact Wrestling needed to find a new home after Pop TV dropped them. They ended up on the Pursuit Channel and Twitch instead. Some fans were wondering why Pop TV gave Impact the chop and it all came down to branding.

Pop TV President Bradley Schwartz was interviewed by Deadline where he revealed the former TV Guide Network’s reasoning for letting Impact Wrestling go.

“Yes, we had a wrestling show every Thursday night, which by the way was one of our 10 highest-rated shows on the network. They wanted to keep going, obviously.”

“It was two hours of original content every Thursday night, 52 weeks a year that would do 400 thousand-500 thousand viewers every Thursday night.”   

“We had to really start focusing on brand and expectation, and I think if you’re going to pitch yourself and tell audiences that you’re this place for premium content, Schitt’s Creek, Flack, Florida Girls, this type of stuff, then people need to know what to expect from you when they come to the channel.”

Perhaps Impact Wrestling will find themselves with another television home soon. The Pursuit Channel is owned by Anthem Sports and Impact doesn’t necessarily fit into the branding of that outdoors channel either.

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