Naomi Says She Wants To Be In The Ring With Cameron Again

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Not all former tag team partners are close. Some separate completely after their team is over, but others remain rather tight. Naomi and Cameron danced their way into the WWE Universe as The Funkadactyls, but only one of them remains as an active WWE Superstar.

While speaking to Kontrol Magazine, Naomi opened up about transitioning into the role of a Funkadactyl and how her relationship with Cameron stands to this day.

“I was a singles competitor for a few years before [Cameron] and I became a team, so transitioning back to that wasn’t difficult at all. The hard part was not being with [Cameron] because we became and still are really close, she’s like a sister to me. I loved being a Funkadactyl and was looking forward to us evolving together. But I have hope we’ll be in the ring together again one day. I know fans would live for that. [Laughs]”

That hope that they will be in the ring together again someday means that at least one of them needs to change their current location. We will have to wait and see if a Funkadactyle reunion is in the cards.

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