Naomi Clears Up Her Involvement In Jimmy Uso’s Recent Arrest

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Jimmy Uso was arrested for squaring up with a Detroit police officer. That was not a good idea. His wife Naomi was driving the wrong way down a one-way street which isn’t a good idea either, but is an honest mistake if you’re not familar with a city’s layout.

One fan tweeted at The Glow saying that Naomi drove the wrong way down the street and got ticketed. This set Naomi off in a big way as she promptly responded.

I was NOT ticketed, I was NOT drinking, leaving the lot I was unaware that it exits to a 1 way street (it was dark snow no signs no traffic I was pulled immediately made a mistake and I own it) as for my husband he’s more of a man you’ll ever be & I’ll leave it at that #blocked

She really let it all out there. In case you were wondering, Naomi didn’t even get a slap on the wrist for her driving error. She realized her mistake rather quickly after turning the wrong way down the road and was trying to correct herself. However, the police intervened which resulted in her husband’s eventual arrest.

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