Chris Jericho On Vince McMahon Thinking Nobody Will Cheer For A Canadian In WWE

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Vince McMahon makes a lot of decisions that might not make a whole lot of sense to everyone. He runs WWE the way he sees it which is something the fans have needed to learn to live with.

Chris Jericho recently appeared on the Rich Eisen Show where he told a funny story about how Vince McMahon set up his character. McMahon wanted Y2J to be a babyface, but thought that nobody would cheer for a Canadian so they had to do some thinking to figure out a new origin for Jericho.

“In the mid-2000s, Vince McMahon decided that you couldn’t be from Canada and be a babyface in the WWE, for whatever reason. ‘No one would cheer a Canadian’ was his mindset. I’m not kidding.”

“I was told that ‘You can’t be from Winnipeg anymore, you’re from Tampa.’ I only live in Tampa. I’m not from there. ‘Where were you born?’ Manhasset (New York). ‘Ah, sounds too country. You’re now from Manhattan, New York.’ There was a whole bunch of us that were Canadian. Edge, Christian, Val Venis, a bunch of other guys. He just decided one time, you can’t be a babyface and be from Canada. For people to really cheer you, you have to be from the United States. It probably lasted about six months.”

Chris Jericho can bill himself from where ever he pleases now. Everyone knows where he is from. In a day and age where fans were more accepting to believe what WWE told them about their Superstars, it was easier to hide his Canadian roots. However, Vince McMahon’s idea that nobody will cheer for a Canadian certainly changed.

Thanks to our good friends at fightful for this transcription

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