WWE Producer Comments On Complaining Superstars

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WWE has a few Superstars on the roster who don’t want to be there anymore. Joey Ryan might see it as them coming after his indie money and he might not be far from the truth. There are issues with WWE creative and how the company is operated.

Vince McMahon is worried about the public perception of Superstars wanting to leave. This is why it looks like complaining can get you some kind of attention in WWE. It has seemed to work with Andrade, The Revival, and others who weren’t happy with their position and voiced displeasure only to get a push.

The Revival asked for their WWE release and the company made a promise to them which it looks like they’re keeping so far. Dash Wilder has since publicly credited The Revival’s push to their complaining.

However, people like Zack Ryder and Rusev have voiced displeasure in the past about WWE’s booking and nothing has resulted from that yet.

Adam Pearce is a veteran professional wrestler with many accolades. His experience brought him to WWE as a backstage producer and he recently chimed in on the discussion.

“The squeaky wheel does NOT always get the grease. Sometimes it gets replaced.

It all depends on *how* it squeaks.”

There could be a lot to this statement. The idea of a squeaky wheel being replaced is quite interesting especially with the recent addition of four incredibly talented NXT call-ups. Some Superstars are worried about losing their spots too.

Only time will tell if WWE will be able to give every talented Superstar on their roster the proper time they deserve. There certainly seems to be a proper way to go about voicing your opinion and some people might not be grasping that concept.

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