WWE Hall Of Fame Could Induct Two Stables This Year

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WWE announced that D-Generation X is going into the WWE Hall Of Fame. This includes Chyna which was great news for fans who wanted to see her finally be recognized. It will also make Shawn Michaels a two-time WWE Hall Of Famer.

We previously reported that The Original Hart foundation was set for a WWE Hall Of Fame induction. This would make Bret Hart a two-time WWE Hall Of Famer as well.

Brad Shepard reported last week that a change to the WWE HOF could still be possible which happened. He then said on Oh, You Didn’t Know that even though DX is getting in this year doesn’t mean that the Hart Foundation is out.

“As of today I am now being told that even though Triple H wanted to put DX in that the Hart Foundation may go in as well so we will see if that changes.”

Only time will tell what WWE decides to do. It is possible that they could switch things up in a big way. If they induct two stables this year that could mean that they don’t have to induct as many individuals on their own.

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