Why WWE Turned Tommaso Ciampa Babyface With Main Roster Call-Up

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Tommaso Ciampa is one of the best heels in the pro wrestling business. His ability to cut a heel promo is amazing and his bad guy style really lends itself to slow methodical torture. However, Ciampa and Johnny Gargano were placed together upon their main roster call-ups as a babyface tag team.

Some fans might be happy to see a sudden reformation of Team #DIY, but it doesn’t make much sense if you followed them from NXT.

Dave Meltzer reacted to this booking decision on Wrestling Observer Radio where he provided some insight of why WWE made the decision to turn Ciampa babyface when he made a main roster jump.

“The solution is that you keep the characters consistent whatever that is. Look, there was no reason for Gargano and Ciampa to be a tag team. Why? I mean because they were a tag team in NXT?”

“So bring them up as singles and bring Ciampa up as a heel. He’s a good heel I mean there was no reason for it. They did it because they don’t give a sh*t. I mean that’s the reason they did it because they don’t give a sh*t.”

Bryan Alvarez noted that Vince McMahon is the one who doesn’t care about keeping the characters consistent which is a big problem with everything.

NXT tried their best to book their next set of television tapings to coincide with the recent NXT call-ups. You can check out those full spoiler results here.

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