The Jim Ross Report Recap w/ Conrad Thompson – Undertaker Appearing at Starrcast II, Elimination Chamber Thoughts, Will Ross Return to WWE Commentary Full Time?

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Ross opens today’s show by talking about last Sunday’s Elimination Chamber. He thought it was a good show and the Elimination Chamber matches delivered big time. He says it’s very important to start the show off on the right foot, so placing the women in that position was a big vote of confidence.

Ross notes that if Becky Lynch’s wrestling career doesn’t work out she could always switch to baseball, because she can certainly swing. He notes that her crutch attack was a situation where you lay in the offence and apologize later, because this is what was necessary to further the storyline without losing momentum.

Ross also loved the end of the Men’s Chamber match, with Kofi Kingston squaring off against Daniel Bryan. He says he’s very happy that Kingston is getting a WWE Title match at Fastlane, and he doesn’t think this will play a factor in whether Kingston will be involved in the WrestleMania Title picture one way or the other.

He says Kingston is a great guy and a terrific performer, and it’s nice to see him involved in the main event picture. He points out that WWE’s ratings aren’t setting the world on fire right now, so he doesn’t see the harm in putting the Title on Kingston.

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