EC3 Could Already Be DOA In WWE

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WWE just called up four top NXT Superstars to the main roster. However, they called up a group of Superstars two months ago that they don’t seem to be fully utilizing. This is especially true for EC3.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter notes that: “EC3 seems like he is D.O.A. already.” This is certainly due to the fact that WWE hasn’t used him much at all since his debut.

EC3 had two matches with Dean Ambrose and then WWE seemingly moved on after that. EC3 has received almost zero attention. On top of that, WWE won’t even let him talk which is unfortunate because he can cut a great promo.

We will have to wait and see if EC3 might get more of a spotlight. WWE needs to get to work on something for him because if they aren’t careful the fans might not accept someone that WWE sat on for so long without pushing.

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