WWE Employee Reportedly Calls Aleister Black’s RAW Debut Laughable

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Aleister Black is a former NXT Champion and he made his WWE RAW debut this week. It was a very short-notice decision to bring in the four new NXT call-ups. Some people were happy with how WWE used them and others weren’t.

Brad Shepard said on Oh, You Didn’t Know that a source in WWE opened up to him and was quite candid on what they thought about Aleister Black’s WWE RAW debut.

“So Aleister Black in the ring with Elias they called ‘laughable’ and said that it’s a shame Elias had to job to him. They went on to say, ‘WWE doesn’t seem to know what they’ve got with Elias, big guy, great talker, yeah let’s job him to someone 2/3 his size.'”

If you really enjoyed watching Elias lose to Aleister Black, then you might not be alone. However, there are always two sides and possibly even more to every story.

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