Triple H Reportedly Receiving Heat For D-Generation X WWE Hall Of Fame Induction

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D-Generation is going into the WWE Hall Of Fame. It might have been the smartest way to ensure that Chyna got in, but some people in the company are apparently not too happy about it.

Brad Shepard reported on Oh, You Didn’t Know that his source in WWE relayed to him some thoughts about how some in the company not only view Triple H, but also DX’s HOF induction and how The Game handled the recent NXT call-ups.

“They went on to criticize Triple H specifically who’s not as popular as he thinks he is in WWE headquarters by the way.”

“They essentially said, ‘You know he decides to put him and his friends in the Hall Of Fame, then he goes out on RAW and introduces the NXT call-ups in advance because that’ll get them over.'”

You never know how some people will view even the happiest of news. DX receiving their HOF induction pleased a lot of people. However, apparently others would tend to disagree.

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