Tommaso Ciampa Injury Update After Scary Spot On SmackDown Live

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Tommaso Ciampa had to miss a huge chunk of time after destroying his knee and he had a very close call during his WWE SmackDown Live debut with his good knee.

Ciampa along with Johnny Gargano, Aleister Black, and Ricochet were called up at the same time out of the blue. Vince McMahon simply made a decision and that’s what happened.

Tommaso Ciampa had a very scary moment during his tag team match with Johnny Gargano against The Bar on SmackDown Live. During a spot off the top rope, Sheamus went crashing down on Tommaso Ciampa and landed right on top of his knee. You could see in the replay that Ciampa’s knee contorted in a fashion that knees should not bend.

The NXT Champion rolled out of the ring and took a breather as Johnny Wrestling took over for a spell. However, as I noted in Ringside News’ SmackDown Live results, Ciampa was able to finish the match.

The referee did throw up the X, but Ciampa finished the match without an issue. We have heard rumors floating around that Tommaso Ciampa is actually injured, but that does not seem to be the case.

We will keep you updated right here at Ringside News if we hear anything different, but Tommaso Ciampa is not injured. However, it would be nice if he didn’t scare us like that again.

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