Rusev Comments On Tye Dillinger’s WWE Release Request

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Tye Dillinger recently asked for his WWE release and he explained everything to get ahead of the IWC rumor mill. Rusev is also apparently not happy with his position in WWE. Now the Bulgarian Brute is commenting about The Perfect 10’s apparent WWE exit.

Rusev isn’t happy about how the United States Title is being treated. He keeps pitching ideas for his character, but it doesn’t seem like WWE is listening. However, he is more than supportive of Tye Dillinger during his career transition.

“God speed Ronnie….. I remember the days we used to go to war for stars. @WWEBigE always went 5 numbers below.”

It would be nice if Rusev could receive more of a spotlight. He has been working very hard to excel in his dream job. Perhaps his day will come once again, but in the meantime, he can only wish Tye Dillinger well as he sets out on his own.

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