Kota Ibushi Reveals Why He Rejected AEW Contract

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Kota Ibushi and Kenny Omega are very close. As members of the Golden Lovers tag team, they excited the pro wrestling world with their reunion. However, it seems that fans might not be seeing Ibushi and Omega together again any time soon.

After signing a contract with NJPW, Kota Ibushi seemingly made his decision clear when he said that he wants to wrestle for them exclusively. While speaking to ShuPro, Ibushi revealed why he turned down an AEW deal.

‘I want to wrestle exclusively for New Japan. If I can, I want to be on every card, every tour.”

“AEW said they just want me in their ring in some form. The ideal for them was for me to move to America and be there full time. I turned them down just after Wrestle Kingdom. If I went it would be the end of my career. There wouldn’t be anywhere else to go after that. No step up, nothing left to do. That would be the last step to make, and after that things would just go down. Great money, but I want to keep developing.”

“What I realized (talking to AEW) was I really don’t care about money.”

This is sad news for All Elite Wrestling fans. However, you never know if NJPW could change their minds about working with AEW talent which would make Kota Ibushi is still possible in an AEW ring. New Japan would have to deal with their relationship with ROH which could be a deal-breaker.

Thanks to Chris Charlton for the translation and transcription

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