Ken Jeong Rails On John Cena For Injuring Him During WWE Raw Guest Hosting Gig

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Ken Jeong has a new Netflix comedy special out where the Community and Hangover star discussed his special guest hosting gig on WWE Raw extensively. Unfortunately, he didn’t have the nicest things to say.

Jeong railed on John Cena for not taking care of him in the ring. Ken compared the differences between him and his wife Tran while using WWE lingo. Suffice it to say, his opinion on professional wrestling changed a lot that night.

“We were very, very different, okay? We were very different on the surface because she’s from San Francisco [California]. She’s uptown. She’s cosmopolitan, well-read, and she’s very, very cultured. Me? I’m a redneck from North Carolina who loves wrestling. She’s Vietnamese John Cena. But she doesn’t do this [you can’t see me gesture] f*cking bullsh*t. Do you know what I mean? I hosted WWE RAW with John Cena years ago.”

“WWE asked me to host it. They were like, ‘do you want to do this?’ I’m like, ‘yeah, I’m an actor – acting is fake; wrestling is fake; what could go wrong, right?’ And on the day of, John Cena lifts me up for a bodyslam, throws me over the top rope, and the five motherf*ckers who were supposed to catch me didn’t!”

“Wrestling is f*cking real! He throws me over the top rope, I hit the concrete, my head hits the wooden plank. You can hear the sound of my head hitting the plank. I had to call Tran after RAW went off the air to assure her that I was okay. My whole point is John Cena absolutely sucks. He really does. I’m just saying.”

Jeremy Piven, who was also a part of this segment was not happy about how Ken Jeong was treated either. He sent out an irritated message to Cena after the incident to let him know that he was rather irresponsible with the doctor turned actor.

You can watch the entire segment below to see what Ken Jeong was talking about. The sound of Ken Jeong’s head bouncing off the floor can also be heard very clearly in the clip.

Thanks to Wrestling Inc for the quote

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