WWE’s Intended Story With Seth Rollins’ WrestleMania Match Against Brock Lesnar

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Seth Rollins has a WrestleMania match set against Brock Lesnar where he will attempt to emerge as WWE Universal Champion. WWE is taking a different angle than they originally planned to involve Roman Reigns’ illness in the storyline, but WWE appears to have their own direction now.

Dave Meltzer noted on Wrestling Observer Radio that the storyline going into the WrestleMania match for Seth Rollins is to plant small seeds of hope for the fans. The idea is that WWE starts out saying that Rollins has no chance, but every week they are going to inch closer to him having a real shot at beating Brock Lesnar.

Therefore, with the promo work Paul Heyman is laying down for the show of shows, the WWE Universe will slowly start to gain more hope that Seth Rollins will be able to topple The Beast Incarnate. This is different than a traditional program where they don’t have to be so convincing that a challenger has a chance.

You never know how WWE will book the actual WrestleMania main event match. Brock Lesnar could always hold his title for as long as he will sign an extension to his WWE contract. It looks like by the time the big match rolls around fans will be confident enough in The Architect’s abilities that it could go either way.

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