Watch Comedian’s Hilarious Impression Of The Rock’s Workout Videos

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The Rock has a lot of fans. They call him The Great One for a reason. He can not only devour a huge cheat meal, but he seems to always be plugging his projects in the gym. Comedian Brent Pella has his own take on The Rock’s social media activities that you have to see.

Pella, a veteran California-based comedian has been updating his Facebook page with videos featuring a hilarious impression of The Rock in recent months. Not only does he have the mannerisms, voice, and constant project plugging down — Brent Pella even has a tattoo like The People’s Champ that he wears for these videos.

It is also notable how Pella has thrown references to Chyna in his videos for months now. His most recent video included another mention of the soon-to-be WWE Hall Of Famer as well.

You can check out a few of his most recent videos below. There are plenty more and we suggest you check them out. It is hilarious to watch Brent Pella’s impression of The Rock and then watch one of Dwayne Johnson’s actual videos where he plugs his own projects. It’s remarkable how similar they are.

The Rock isn’t the only impression that Brent Pella has up his sleeve either as he also imitates famous rappers like Eminem, Pitbull, and DJ Khaled.

At this rate, we’re starting to read The Rock’s social media messages while doing Pella’s impression of the former WWE Champion.

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