Scathing Backstage Report On Lio Rush’s Heat In WWE

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Lio Rush has a mouth that seems too big for his body. This has created some tricky situations for Lio Rush on television, however, it might also be getting him some heat in the locker room.

A report came out today that Lio Rush tends to rub people the wrong way backstage, even his fellow Superstars. Now there is more confirmation that there is indeed some sort of issue with Rush backstage.

Cassidy Haynes of reports that one source told him something quite unfavorable about Lio Rush as well.

“He’s not somebody I plan on or would want to be associated with at all.”

Lio Rush seems to be doing fine on RAW. His breakup with Bobby Lashley lasted less than 24 hours as he teamed with The All Mighty in a losing effort against Finn Balor and the debuting Ricochet.

It might be a good idea for Lio Rush to change some of his socialization tactics backstage though because apparently, whatever he is doing now isn’t quite working.

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