Chasing Glory Recap w/ Bianca Belair – Overcoming Eating Disorders, Her Path to NXT, Who Convinced Her to Keep Her Hair Braid? More!

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Lillian Garcia welcomes Bianca Belair to the show.

Belair points out that Black History Month is very important her. She looks at February as an opportunity to take things up a notch in terms of celebrating the achievements and honouring the legacies of the people who came before her. It’s motivational to her how black people before her overcame huge odds to become doctors, lawyers and even President.

She feels like black history is American history and it should be celebrated every day, but February is a time to take it to another level. Belair says she had a nice childhood and her mother tried to put her in as many different environments as possible, which allowed her to get along with people of all cultures.

Due to this, she didn’t really have any issues with race as a child. As she started to get old she started to run into issues a little bit more. Even now as an NXT Superstar, sometimes she receives terrible messages online with people saying negative things about her hair.

She admits that even though she tries to ignore the hate sometimes it gets to her and makes her look at herself differently. She looks at her hair and her skin colour and ponders over the comments. She notes that there needs to be a greater educational push on teaching black history in schools so people can learn about these things.

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