Lio Rush Seems Heartbroken After Bobby Lashley Kicked Him To The Curb At WWE Elimination Chamber

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Bobby Lashley dropped the IC Title to Finn Balor at Elimination Chamber, but it wasn’t his fault. Then Bobby dropped his hypeman Lio Rush because he was the one to blame.

Lio seems heartbroken over the split with Bobby Lashley. He just wants to know why and he is sincerely sorry. It will be interesting to see whether he shows up to RAW so he can plead his case before the All Mighty.

Haven’t slept all night. Asking myself “why”? @fightbobby if you can see this. I’m sorry man. Honestly

It seems that Bobby Lashley is back with Baron Corbin and Drew McIntyre as three huge heels causing trouble. Maybe they don’t need a hypeman, but Lio Rush seems pretty desperate to reunite with The Big Man.

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