WWE Elimination Chamber Results – February 17, 2019

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The Miz comes out by himself and starts off by congratulating Sasha Banks and Bayley. Then introduces his wife, Maryse, who comes out. He says they promises they would make any announcements in front of the crowd, then announce that they’re having another baby! Miz dedicates the following match to his unborn child.

SmackDown Live Tag Team Championships

(C) The Miz & Shane McMahon Vs. The Uso’s

The Miz starts off against Jimmy Uso. They circle the ring before Jimmy applies a side headlock. Miz whips him off, but Jimmy responds with a shoulder block. Jimmy hits the ropes and they flub a spot entirely.

Jey Uso tags in but Miz avoids a superkick from both twins. Jey elbows Miz in the face, but Miz takes him down. Miz taunts Jimmy before hitting Jey with his signature corner clothesline. Shane McMahon comes in, and he goes to the opposite corner for Coast-To-Coast, but Jimmy cuts him off. McMahon takes him down, then hits Jey with a sunset flip for a two count. McMahon hits Jey with a jumping back elbow on the apron.

Miz tags in, and they clothesline Jey over the top rope to the floor. They then clothesline Jimmy over the top rope and pose together in the ring. The Usos get back in and regain control of the match by snapping Miz on the top rope. Jimmy is the legal man and he chokes Miz before Jey gets a cheap shot in. Jey tags back in and avalanches Miz in the corner – they’re making use of quick tags.

Jimmy tags in and applies a chin lock. Miz fights up, but Jimmy clotheslines him down. Jey tags in and stomps The Miz. Jey then applies a chin lock. Jimmy tags in, rips Miz’ shirt off, and throws it at McMahon, but he catches it and the fans cheer. Jimmy then hits Miz with a corner clothesline before mocking him.

Miz fights back and makes the tag to McMahon, who takes the fight to The Usos. McMahon hits a big boot on Jimmy before catching him with a back body drop. McMahon dances around Jimmy and punches him in his classic style. Jey runs in to break it up but McMahon hits him with a float-over DDT. Jimmy comes back, and McMahon DDTs him as well for a near fall. McMahon has both Usos set up in the corners. McMahon hits a Coast-To-Coast on Jimmy before getting up and going back to the top rope. McMahon leaps, but Jey superkicks him out of mid-air!

Jey hits a top rope splash and covers, but Miz breaks up the pin. Miz tags in and hits a springboard axe handle on Jey. Miz kicks and boots Jey, but Jey comes right back with a Samoan Drop. Jey gets fired up and charges, but Miz moves. Miz DDTs him for a near fall. Miz hits Jey with a baseball slide and clears the commentary table. He sets Jey on the table and Shane climbs up top. Shane doesn’t even cross himself before hitting a huge elbow drop through the announce table. Miz goes back inside and looks to finish off Jimmy. They exchange roll-ups until Miz connects with Skull Crushing Finale… however Jimmy reverses into a crucifix pin and wins!

Winners and New Tag Team Champions: The Uso’s

The Miz can’t believe what happened, while Jimmy and Jey lay around on the outside with their newly won belts. Miz leaves the ring and grabs hold of Shane. He lifts him up and helps him walk to the back. The World’s Best Tag Team no more.

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