Why WWE Is Booking Baseball Stadiums For The Royal Rumble Event

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WWE has a big Elimination Chamber event scheduled for Houston tonight, but they will be back in a big way for the 2020 Royal Rumble. The Minute Maid Park will host the 2020 edition of the Royal Rumble event and the Toyota Center will likely play host to the NXT TakeOver and RAW to follow. SmackDown will likely be in another location because it will be past the Friday Fox move unless they film the previous Friday in Houston as well.

Dave Meltzer commented on Wrestling Observer Radio to give fans a reason why WWE is booking baseball stadiums now. Not only is it great exposure for the brand, but it is also capitalizing on huge venues that are not in use in January. However, with the dwindling popularity of WWE, it is hard to tell what kind of shape the company will be in a year from now.

“I think [in 2020] they’ll be able to sell out. Phoenix was a tougher market, they had to paper a lot. 35,000 seats in Houston I think that’s doable for Royal Rumble. Houston’s a good — it hasn’t been so great lately, but historically Houston is a great pro wrestling city. Then again, who knows in between now and January not just who’s going to be there, but the popularity of the brand.”

Meltzer continued to explain WWE’s reasoning for booking such a large venue.

“To sell more tickets and make it more special and to make it a destination weekend.”

You never know where WWE will be in 20 years, but next year they have big plans for Houston. It will be very interesting to see if WWE will eventually be forced to downgrade their bigger events due to their shrinking fan base.

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