Mustafa Ali Says Watching Kofi Kingston Take His Place At WWE Elimination Chamber “Won’t Be Easy”

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Mustafa Ali suffered a concussion at a WWE live event last weekend. He was also previously working through a hip injury. This meant that he needed to be pulled from the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view tonight in Houston.

Ali cut a video promo and released it on social media. He does this kind of thing often and it gives a new depth to his character because the videos are generally gritty and visually stunning.

He said that he has all the love in the world for Kofi Kingston, but watching Kofi take his place wasn’t easy. Mustafa Ali knows that it should have been him in the gauntlet match lasting over an hour. All he can do about it is get better.

He said it won’t be easy battling those “what if’s” again while he watches someone take his spot in the Elimination Chamber match.

Mustafa Ali is passionate about proving himself as a top competitor in WWE. Hopefully, this injury will be his last so he can do just that.

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