Kurt Angle Fuels Retirement Speculation In A Big Way

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Kurt Angle’s legendary WWE career saw him enter the WWE Hall Of Fame as the company celebrated his return after a ten-year hiatus. Angle didn’t slow down during that time away from WWE as he competed against some of the biggest names in pro wrestling while under the Impact Wrestling banner.

When asked during a recent Facebook Q&A what he has left to accomplish in WWE, he was very candid in replying that he is simply looking for “an amazing retirement match.”

“I have nothing that I feel I need to accomplish other than an amazing retirement match, whenever that is.”

Brad Shepard previously reported that Kurt Angle’s time in WWE is drawing very close. The fact is that Angle is suffering from injuries and he is said to not be in the best shape.

If WrestleMania 35 sees Angle’s final in-ring performance he would have still made a huge impact on the pro wrestling world that will never be forgotten (no pun intended).

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