How Paige & The Rock’s Working Relationship Got Off To An Awkward Start

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The Rock goes by several names, but those who know him personally call him “DJ.” His name is Dwayne Johnson so it fits very well. Someone just didn’t clue Paige in on this fact.

During a recent interview with Too Fab, Paige recalled getting a random text from someone saying their name was DJ. She didn’t know who that was so she proceeded to ask “Who the hell DJ is.” This resulted in a communication neither Paige or The Rock will forget.

“I got a text on my phone and it was like ‘Hey, it’s DJ’ and I’m like, ‘Who the hell is DJ and why are you texting my phone. And I remember texting and he said, ‘It’s Dwayne Johnson you idiot’ and I was like, ‘Oh my god. Dwayne Johnson just texted my phone right now this blows my mind’ so he was like, ‘Please come see me when you have a chance.'”

“So I went and saw him. He said, ‘Hey I watched your documentary…I watched it while up late one night while filming ‘Fast and the Furious’ and I couldn’t sleep and I came across your family’s documentary and I just loved it. It reminded me of my family, you guys are so close and it’s a story that I would love to see told, that I would love to tell.’ And I was like, ‘What?’ and he was like, ‘Yeah I want to do a movie on you and your family.'”

“And he goes, ‘Also just so you know, tomorrow you are going to be debuting on the main roster and become Divas champion. I just couldn’t stop crying. It was uncontrollable snot bubbles everywhere, friggin eyelashes on the forehead. It was crazy… Then I made my debut and it was successful you know four and a half years later here we are.”

“Fighting With My Family” was a passion project for The Rock and it took nearly four years to become a reality. It all started with some miscommunication as both The Rock and Paige are still cracking jokes about their first meeting and how Paige was unaware who she was texting with at first.

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