Finn Balor Conquers Handicap Match At WWE Elimination Chamber To Become Intercontinental Champion

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WWE Elimination Chamber was live from Houston Texas and it was a night that began with three consecutive title changes. The WWE Women’s Tag Team Titles found a home and The Usos defeated McMiz next in spite of a huge announcement from The Miz. Things did not stop when Finn Balor took the ring.

The WWE Intercontinental Championship was on the line in a handicap match at Elimination Chamber. If Finn Balor could pin either Bobby Lashley or Lio Rush then he would become the new IC Champion.

Finn Balor was doing well until he chased Lio Rush around the ring allowing Bobby Lashley to strike and hit a spinebuster off of the barricade. Once they returned to the ring, Balor did a fair amount of selling while Lio and Lashley tagged in and out to work on Balor.

Finn Balor caught a break when Lio Rush missed a splash. Then Finn isolated Rush in the corner before Balor knocked Bobby Lashley off the apron then Lashely took a slingblade before being sent over the top rope along with Rush. Then Balor hit a dive on both of them.

Balor and Lio returned to the ring where Balor hit a shotgun dropkick and a Coup De Gras on Lio Rush to win the IC Title. This marks Finn Balor’s first reign with that prestigious title.

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