Chris Jericho Reveals Crazy Money Impact Wrestling Offered Him To Work Four Matches

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Chris Jericho might like to say in a promo that he singlehandedly sold 12,000 tickets to Double Or Nothing, but he really didn’t do it all on his own. However, Jericho did turn down a couple huge deals in order to make AEW become a reality.

During a recent interview with Wrestling Observer Radio, Jericho revealed that Impact Wrestling offered a huge deal in the “mid-seven figures” to work four matches for the company.

“In my mind, I was like from a pure business standpoint, I’m worth as much as Brock Lesnar at this point in time to WWE as far as what I bring to the table. That was just kind of the watermark that I had.”

“So for me to go back to Vince, it was like: ‘I want that type of a deal.’ Because that’s the way it should be in my mind.”

“When I was starting to talk with Tony and you know, I was negotiating with New Japan and even Impact as well– Like I said, the thing is, Impact offered me a hell of a deal for a four-match series. Like it was a really good amount of money. We’re talking mid-seven figures. They have some cash as well. I think people kinda gloss over Impact at this point in time. When they believe in something, they have money for it.” 

Chris Jericho has wording in his AEW contract which would allow him to work for NJPW. However, Impact Wrestling might not be so easy. It must have been difficult to turn down that kind of “Brock Lesnar money,” but now Jericho is joined up with All Elite Wrestling looking to change the universe.

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