WWE Superstars Tell Ridiculous Stories About Mark Henry’s Strength

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WWE has been home to some of the strongest on the planet, but there is only one World’s Strongest Man. The man might be retired from the ring now, but there is a reason why he is still around as a locker room enforcer.

Mark Henry is the focus of a documentary set to air after Elimination Chamber called “World Strongest Man: The Mark Henry Story.” To hype this doc, WWE released a great video featuring legends talking about Henry’s unparalleled strength.

You can check it out below and enjoy these stories from Mark Henry’s past. The Big Show told a great story about consoling Henry because he couldn’t tear a quarter in two… he could only bend it. JBL also reveals a time when he apologized for anything he ever did to upset Mark Henry after seeing a display of his strength.

Mark Henry is the real deal, folks.

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