WWE Reveals 5 Forgotten Brock Lesnar Moments

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Brock Lesnar is a shoo-in for the WWE Hall Of Fame as long as something doesn’t happen. He broke The Undertaker’s legendary WrestleMania streak and has continued to break a record for the most days as WWE Champion while remaining a part-time Superstar.

WWE just released five forgotten moments from Brock Lesnar’s career. If you are familiar with The Beast Incarnate’s work then you know he used to known as The Next Big Thing. This is something that Paul Heyman touted backstage for Lesnar when he was his advocate even before they were paired-up on screen.

Some of these moments might not be “forgotten,” but it is pretty interesting how WWE reminded us that these specific events took place. This included Lesnar storming WWE HQ after losing the WWE Championship where he wrecked Triple H’s office which was great to re-live.

They also brought up how Steve Austin walked out of WWE instead of facing Lesnar in a King Of The King qualifying match.

You can check out the whole list below and enjoy. Because it has been a pretty fun journey through WWE for Brock Lesnar so far.

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