Why Fox Really Wanted WWE SmackDown Live

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WWE and Fox are about to enter into a very big deal in October. This arrangement will see Fox attain SmackDown Live for the next five years to the tune of just over $1 billion.

Fox has since said that their plan for SmackDown Live getting a coveted Friday night spot on their main network is a “short term” plan. This is much different than what we previously heard. However, SmackDown’s ratings are not high at all and they are currently lower than what Fox has on Friday nights.

The inner workings of the television industry can get very tricky. In Fox’s case, a lot of the decision to bring in WWE has to do with Disney’s purchase of Fox. The also needed something to fill the void left by UFC when they went to ESPN.

Disney buying Fox’s properties will see a change in the network’s presentation. Their plan is to focus on live sporting events which WWE can provide. Therefore, purchasing WWE SmackDown Live fell into Fox’s new mission statement as set forth by Disney.

The Disney company is changing a lot about Fox and SmackDown Live fit perfectly into the new corporate vision for the network. Only time will tell how long Fox will actually keep SmackDown Live on Fridays, but if WWE can pull the ratings up then they have a much better chance of holding that spot. 

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