Who Owns The Undertaker’s Name?

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The Undertaker surprised a lot of people when he agreed to appear at the Starrcast II event. A lot of fans thought this was interesting especially because of Starrcast’s association with AEW.

The fact is that The Undertaker likely isn’t going to wrestle for All Elite Wrestling. In fact, his in-ring career might be over entirely at this point. However, that still doesn’t answer the question of who actually owns his name.

WWE owns a registered trademark on The Undertaker’s name. If you look on the back of your WWE DVDs you will notice that a lot of names have circled “C’s” next to their names. This means that WWE copyrights everyone’s name, however, The Undertaker and a few other select Superstars have a circled “R” next to their names. This means they are registered trademarks.

The Undertaker is actually appearing as his real name at Starrcast as marked in the advertisements. He can get away with this by saying “Mark Calaway aka ‘The Undertaker'” just like how Cody Rhodes got round WWE’s ownership of his last name when he and his wife were billed as “Cody and Brandi Rhodes” at events.

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