Ronda Rousey & Ruby Riott Throw Bombs On Social Media

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Becky Lynch was pulled from the WrestleMania main event match against Ronda Rousey and The Baddest Woman On The Planet was not happy about this at all. She commented on how this isn’t best for business, but Ruby Riott wonders why Rousey would even care because she plans on taking Ronda’s title at Elimination Chamber this Sunday.

Ronda Rousey might need to worry about Ruby Riott not only because she has Liv Morgan and Sarah Logan available to help, but Riott is very driven. The leader of the Riott Squad commented back to Rousey and she wasn’t happy about the RAW Women’s Champion’s take on WrestleMania.

“Who cares about what’s best for business or what these people want?! You’re so focused on giving the #WomensEvolution what they deserve, that you’re not even looking at #EliminationChamber. So I’ll gladly take your title & main event #Wrestlemania whether they like it or not.” 

Rousey fired back at Ruby Riott as expected. She is on a mission to bring women to the WrestleMania main event and if that means that she has to take out Riott along the way then so be it.

“Damn right I’m focused on the #WomensEvolution getting the success we deserve. And FYI the #WomensEvolutionincludes even you @rubyriottwwe. I’m on a mission to make the first ever women’s main event at #Wrestlemaina happen THIS year. If that means at #EliminationChamber I have to beat you to a pulp for your own good, i won’t hesitate for second. Go ahead and hate me now, you won’t even have to thank me later, I really don’t care. I’m just trying to change the world, not get credit for it.

Ruby Riott had write a retort to Rousey’s statement. It is pretty obvious how motivated Ruby is to get the job done in Houston on Sunday. This could be a much more interesting match up than some fans might think.

“Do you hear yourself?! You think only YOU can give the world their first ever Wrestlemania Women’s Main Event? You think that somehow you’ve carried the #WomensEvolution on your back?! Get a grip! 
I have news for you! The #WomensEvolution doesn’t just INCLUDE us…The #RiottSquad IS the #WomensEvolution! We are and have been the change that the @wwe women’s division so desperately needs! 
So this Sunday, I’m gonna knock you unconscious, take your title, and finish your so called mission myself. 

The fact is that Ruby Riott might not have her Riott Squad sisters around to help her. Liv Morgan and Sarah Logan are in their own title match for the WWE Women’s Tag Team Titles. Therefore, if it really works out for them the Riott Squad could be covered in gold by the end of the night. Ronda Rousey obviously has other plans.

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