Paige Interviews “Fighting With My Family” Cast

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Fighting With My Family is set for a big premiere this weekend and plenty of fans are excited about seeing this version of Paige’s story. Paige recently revealed exactly how long The Rock has been working on this passion project. Although The Great One was not around, Paige did have a chance to recently sit down with some of the Fighting With My family cast including Director Stephan Merchant.

Paige made things lighthearted and brought them some tea. That was a very British thing to do as she put it.

Fighting With My Family tells a very personal story about Paige’s life even though Stephan Merchant needed to be introduced to her beforehand to add some humor. Paige wanted to know how Merchant could find anyone who could play her and he said that it wasn’t easy.

Paige actually said Florence Pugh made her look way better than she did in real life. Then cast praised Paige right in front of her which you know Paige just loved too.

You can check out the short video below and see how close this cast seemed to get while shooting this project.

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