Lio Rush Snags New Voice Acting Role

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Lio Rush is Bobby Lashley’s hypeman and going into Elimination Chamber with a fire behind him to prove that he and The Big Man have what it takes to take out Finn Balor. If they can double-team Finn successfully then Lashley will keep the IC Title.

Lio Rush’s voice is going to soon be featured doing more than just crowing about how great Bobby Lashley’s glutes look. Because Rush will be playing “Gary’s Dad” in a book called “Giraffe Ask For Help.”

“Happy to announce that i am the official voice for Gary’s Dad for the Children’s book ‘Giraffe Ask For Help.’ For American Psychological Association! Along side my son reading the voice of Gary and my wife reading the role of Tye!”

Rush is a proud father of two and is a real family man behind that tough exterior. He is still plenty confident, and always looking to spread his brand so he can cash more checks. Now he has another item to add to his acting resume.

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