Impact Wrestling Loses Another Star

Impact Wrestling has a new timeslot and their ratings have not been great at all. In fact, the Pursuit Channel isn’t available for a number of fans. The company has lost a couple key stars in recent months and now they are letting go of another that could have been a much bigger player with the company.

Joe Hendry made a name for himself in the UK and he was featured on Impact Wrestling over the Summer as he had an angle with Grado. Now Hendry announced that he is a free agent once again and betting on himself.

“I am now a FREE AGENT. Thank you to Impact for the oppprtunity.

Ive chosen to bet on myself with my new project and I need your support!”

Joe Hendry is a lot more than his local hero gimmick. He is a talented song writer as well and the parodies that he can lay down can be quite hilarious. Impact Wrestling is certainly losing an entertaining guy with Joe Hendry, but hopefully, we will see him in other places very soon.